What to do before a storm.

We are coming to the middle of hurricane season, and have been lucky so far. But remember you need to always be prepared in case our luck runs out. Doing some home repair and improvements ahead of time could save you a lot of money and work later.

  • Clear gutters of debris every month to keep water from overflowing and damaging the outside of your home
  • Check for compromised areas on your roof and have them repaired as soon as possible, to prevent future leaks and damage from high winds
  • Install hurricane straps, gables, and end brackets or braces to the roof of the home
  • Paint the outside of the home. Getting rid of peeling and blistering paint can help prevent wood rot
  • Trim trees and shrubs that are close to your home so they will be less likely to cause damage during a storm
  • Remove anything from the yard that can become flying debris and bring it indoors or into the garage. Items such as barbecue grills and bicycles.


If you are remodeling your home this summer you should take these tips into consideration:

  • If you are replacing windows make sure they are an impact-resistant system window or that you install impact-resistant shutters
  • When replacing doors make sure entry doors have at least 3 hinges, have a dead bolt security lock that is at least one inch long and the door frame is securely anchored to wall framing.
  • Patio doors are susceptible to wind damage so they should be made out of a combination of glass and plastic, laminated glass, or have a laminated glazing on the glass and be covered by shutters or plywood if there is a hurricane threat.
  • If your garage door is 8ft or more wide you should install metal or wood stiffeners to give it support during high winds.


  •  Do not forget to have a storm kit ready ahead of time that includes copies of  important documents and paperwork, keeping them in a sealed, water proof container/bag.  Your storm kit should also include water, non perishable food (enough for at least 3 days), personal hygiene items,  medications,  first aid kit, clothing, shoes, bedding, flashlights, radio, batteries, manual can opener and eating utensils.




If  a storm does cause damage to your home remember Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. is available 24/7.  With five state licenses PRS can remodel your home and restore belongings damaged by water, fire, soot, wind and mold. All you have to do is call PRS at 727-NO-WATER, and leave the rest to them.



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