How to Eliminate Odor from Your Home

Are you embarrassed to invite your friends over because of that unpleasant odor? At first, you thought it would just go away, but after a couple of weeks, the problem progressively got worst. Now you are starting to worry that it will never go away? The truth is, that odors do not go away unless you first find and eliminate the source that is causing the odor and then deal with the odor correctly. There are different ways to eliminate bad odor from your home.

Where do these odors come from?

Before dealing with the odor, it is best to understand its sources. Odors can come from many different things. Odor can come from cooking, spoiled food, rotten fruits and vegetables, pet’s feces and urine, unattended laundry and even dead animals. Your bathroom, for instance, can easily cause unwanted smell, especially if you do not clean it regularly. Unused bathrooms can also be a source of bad smell because p-traps can dry out and allow methane-sulfur gas to escape from the shower drain or sink. Poor housekeeping can deliver unpleasant smells.

Eliminating the odor

Now that you are aware of the potential causes of odor, here are some tips to help you get rid of the smell:

  1. Identify the source of the bad odor in your home. Identifying the source and removing it from your house will greatly improve the smell of your home. It is easy to trace the sources of the bad smell, especially if the odor is concentrated in one area of the house. Once you have identified the source, you can decide if you will deal with it by yourself or will call service to do it. Not everyone is cut out to remove dead rodents from their home. In some cases, you need to contact the plumber because the cause of the odor is the water pipe in your kitchen.
  2. Clean the area. It is not enough that you remove the cause of the odor because some of the bad smell will linger in the house. Depending on what the source was, there could be germs left behind that can affect your health. So make sure that you clean the area thoroughly. Wash it with soap and rinse with water thoroughly. Disinfect the area as well.  After cleaning, wipe or leave it to dry.
  3. There are odors that will not go away after removing the sources. An example would be odors from smoke. This is why you have to open the doors and windows while dealing with the bad smell. Turn the exhaust fan on as well. This will improve ventilation in the house, removing the odorous air and replacing it with fresh air from outside.
  4. There are some causes of odor that are within your control. These include those caused by spoiled or rotten food, odors caused by your pets and the like. To prevent the smell from getting worse, deal with it right away. Regularly check your food container for expiration dates and dispose them when needed.
  5. Improve the smell and quality of air in your home. One way of doing that is by having indoor plants. You can also light scented candles and enjoy its aroma. But the best way to give your home a pleasant smell is to keep it clean and eliminate all potential sources that could leave a bad odor.

Getting rid of the bad smell in your home depends on the source of the odor. There are those you can deal by yourself, but there are also those that require the services of professionals. This is why it is crucial that you determine the cause of the odor first before dealing with it.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation continues to be a necessity after severe water damage. Water damage has a degenerating effect on structures – so severe that if not dealt with correctly and timely, it can lead to a real health hazard.

Mold growth is a result of an over exposure to moisture. Mold is a species of fungi, the same as mushrooms; that can sprout given the willing conditions with moisture as the catalyst.

Mold infestation can become worst. It has to be taken care of before the unthinkable happens. Fungi can develop easily because of spores and their basic nature to multiply. A simple scrape and clean up would not suffice as the right sanitation technique needs to be applied to assure the establishment is free of infestation and that all moisture sources has been eliminated.

Mold Growth Is a Health Hazard

Mold growth is something that many Americans do not take seriously. This is because we do not know the real danger we are in. Mold growth infestation can put us in a lot of discomfort especially for those with allergic reactions. The most common allergic reactions to mold are respiration related. This is because of the spores they emit.

Some species of mold has also been identified to provide toxic reactions. Although this is not common, this can happen.

Mold Infestation is a Business Hazard

Mold infestations also give out an arid smell. This is a discomfort we are not willing to experience. In commercial establishments that require utmost sanitation like restaurants and hospitals, this is unacceptable. Closure of business establishments because of mold growth is possible.

When your livelihood is threatened because of fungi growth, this is unacceptable. Mold remediation should be dealt with immediately before the infestation becomes a serious threat to your income. This is the basic: Nobody likes mold, certainly not your customers.

Who to Call?

Mold remediation should only be taken up by certified mold remediation contractors. Mold remediation requires the right expertise and technology. The government provides the privilege of mold remediation only to those who have the experience and knowledge.

Only call the agencies and restoration experts who have the licenses to do Mold remediation. Mold Remediation #MRSR102 license has been secured by PRS to give you the right service. Mold remediation is a scientific activity that requires the right technology and know-how.

Mold Remediation by PRS

When in or near the Tampa Bay area, you can always trust PRS to provide the right mold remediation.  Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc, PRS is duly licensed by the government to perform such activities. Mold Remediation #MRSR102 license is a privilege given to PRS because of the system and technology they are able to provide.

PRS is a one stop service for restoration. Water and structural damage can be taken care of with a simple call. PRS will also help you with your insurance claims, just what you need to have a complete turnaround on your mold problems.

Dry Ice Blasting for Mold and Fire Damage Remediation

Dry ice blasting, also known as CO2 blasting, is now the preferred method for mold and fire damage remediation. This mode of remediation refers to the process where a pressurized fluid is controlled and released to a surface where cleaning is required, in this case, CO2. Dry Ice blasting is a specialized technique used for cleaning surfaces. This is special in a sense that it is a non-abrasive method. It leaves the surface free from scratches, without degrading the surface quality. Dry ice blasting uses soft dry ice on the surface. This leaves no residue. The dry ice particles easily vaporize upon surface impact making it very useful for restoration.

Dry Ice Blasting vs Sand and Soda Blasting

Dry ice blasting is far more advantageous compared to other forms of blasting. Sand and Soda blasting leaves behind residue that does not disappear on impact requiring more clean-up work and labor time. There is no secondary waste to dispose of with this method. Dry ice blasting is also non-toxic, non-conductive and non-flammable. Dry ice blasting, because of these reasons, has become one of the most cost effective ways of cleaning. Dry Ice blasting also takes care of the unseen. This method of cleaning efficiently gets rid of smell and other impurities. It can be used on wood, metal, concrete, stone and brick surfaces, making it flexible to take care of whole residential and commercial establishments.

Dry Ice Blasting for Fire Damage

Dry Ice Blasting has been used popularly in conducting fire damage remediation. With dry Ice blasting, the surface is restored without providing additional damage because of its non-abrasive action. It is an efficient mode for blasting, proven effective against smoke and soot damage – highly capable of restoring tight angles and spaces on structures.

Dry ice blasting on Mold Remediation

Dry ice blasting is also very effective on eliminating mold growth, especially on wood. Wood restoration requires that the surface remains intact after the cleaning process. This is where the non-abrasive action of dry ice blasting comes into play. Because of its efficiency in removing mold growth on wooden surfaces, further actions using hazardous chemicals to battle mold growth on hard to reach areas are no longer required.

Dry Ice blasting by PRS

Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc., PRS, uses dry Ice blasting to provide the fastest and most efficient way for fire damage and mold remediation. This is possible with the right staff, trained on dry ice blasting and equipped with the right technology. PRS has a hotline open for calls 24/7 to provide immediate restoration service in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. More than just dry ice blasting, PRS provides cost effective means of restoration giving them more coverage. PRS also tackles other forms of damages to completely restore your establishment.

Complete Reconstruction

Complete reconstruction is often needed for the ultimate restoration. This is an activity that only the best restoration service providers provide. This is where the most cost efficient and flexible entities dwell. Complete reconstruction means having to deal with all the small things: Electrical, plumbing, woodwork, masonry, beautification, painting, etc.

Complete reconstruction is also critical for houses and establishments that have undergone damages. This may be due to water, fire, smoke damages or just the simple age of the structure.

Complete reconstruction and cost

Just like any other activity, it requires money. Money has always been the limiting factor in reconstruction. You can only go as far as your bank accounts permit. It is important that for any complete reconstruction activity, proper canvass and estimates are made.

Computing for costs is not as easy as it seems. There is the ultimate prejudice of cheap means poor work and expensive means luxury output. You have to find balance with your activities and cost – you can do this by choosing the right company to deal with.

Asking for quotes from a few chosen service providers is also bright. This is if you have the luxury of time. You can easily browse through the Google and pick through the list. You can later narrow it down through cost and service provided.

Another activity to do is to research and to find endorsers. Ask about from your social circle. Someone should have done some reconstruction from a restoration company, and they will have something to tell about it. Look for the best reviews possible, but always work with your budget in mind.

Type of reconstruction

A complete reconstruction to be done on residences will have different requirements from that of the commercial or industrial establishments. You need to be able to narrow down on the companies that have the experience and the size to give you the right deal and work.

Complete reconstruction will also differ in terms of reason. Damages caused by fire and water will have more requirements from that of expansions and beautifications. A complete reconstruction from damage needs more attention, and time is critical. Complete reconstruction from damages is also done while working with a stricter budget. A planned complete reconstruction gives you more leeway and time to process loans and monetary expenses.

The Extras

A complete reconstruction should also have its extras. More work should give you more assistance. Paper works will also prove to be much of a hassle – this is where the right companies will give you their most trusted services. This may be such a burden for ordinary Americans but this is a routine for these companies – find the company that can give you a stressful transition for a complete reconstruction and you’ll find it more worthwhile to work with them.

Complete Reconstruction by PRS

Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. provides the right service for a complete reconstruction. Being a one-stop restoration company, they offer a versatile restoration service for any form of damage while also offering a complete structural service.

PRS offers assistance with insurance companies and loans that is very beneficial for those who have suffered damages from floods and fires. PRS has 5 state licenses and multiple certifications with a service that gets it done right the first time, every time.

The Importance of Mold Inspection

Is your home safe from mold? Although not all types of molds can put your life at risk, they can adversely affect the quality and the value of your home. This is why you need to inspect your home regularly for contamination. In order to do that, you need to familiarize yourself of the different causes of mold formation at home.

Cause of Mold formation

Molds cannot exist out of the blue. They need certain conditions in order to develop. In order for mold to grow, they need a food source and moisture. They can feed on any organic material such as drywall and wood. These types of materials are found in every home. Add a moisture source and it becomes the ideal conditions for mold. This makes mold inspection more and more important.

Possible hazards of molds

Molds may affect your health or not. Certain individual are more sensitive to it, which can trigger allergy attacks and asthma. Although some molds are not harmful, there are also those that are toxic. A study conducted by the Institute of Medicine in 2004 presented sufficient evidence that link mold exposure and upper respiratory tract problems. Other problems caused by such exposure are eye irritation, sinus congestion and other problems with the respiratory system. Fatal illness and even deaths have been associated with toxic molds as well.

Mold inspection

With the threats presented by such contamination to your health and your home, it is only essential that you have your home checked regularly. Some mold formations are visible. You can spot them because of the discoloration on your wall. Others can lurk in hidden areas within the home such as wall and floor cavities. These become hard to detect by a simple visual inspection.

Do a visual check. Go beyond the visible areas. Look in cabinets, below your kitchen sink. Check your basement and areas that are conducive for mold formation. If you suspect mold contamination at home, you have two options. There are test kits available that you can use as a homeowner.  Basically, you need to get samples of the mold and send it to a lab. The lab results will tell you if there is a problem or not. The other alternative and probably the most logical is to hire a company that is licensed and trained to perform mold inspections.

All of us wish that our home is a healthy and safe place. However, we cannot be certain unless it undergoes inspection for problems such as mold contamination. Only by inspection can we uncover and address its problems.

How to Deal With Fire Damage at Home?

Surviving a fire presents a lot of challenges to homeowners. There is the emotional side of the loss. In addition to that, they have to face the damages caused by the fire as well. If you are currently facing this ordeal, do not fret. Here are ways to deal with the damages caused by fire:

Assess the damage

It might be difficult to look at your home after a fire. But this is an essential step to start with the rebuilding process. The first thing you need to do is to open the doors and windows. This is to eliminate the bad odor as well as to let fresh air in. After that, check the affected areas of the property. How was the damage on the floor, wall, roof, door, window and other areas of the house? Take note of your evaluation.

Aside from the damage inflicted on the different parts of the house, check the damage on the furniture and appliances as well. Can you still use some of the furniture or appliances? If they have been destroyed, do you need to replace them right away? This will help you determine the things that you need to purchase first.

Check your insurance coverage

You can look into the copy of your insurance policy and find out the coverage in case of fire. You can also call your insurance company to better understand this. Prepare the necessary requirements for your claim too. Whatever amount you can claim from your insurance company is a big help in rebuilding or restoring your home.

Contact a restoration specialist

A reliable restoration specialist will help you plan the restoration process.  The planning stage is crucial because this will affect the entire process. Divide the tasks and choose the project that needs to be done first. How is your electrical line? How about your water ways?  Was there damage to your water heater?

Prepare your home for restoration

To make the repair and rebuilding process easier, start cleaning up your home. Remove the things that are no longer working and dispose of the scraps. You do not want these things in your house. Aside from reminding you of the disaster, this can also present many health hazards. Besides, you will be able to plan easily once your home is clear of all these unnecessary items.

Have a timetable

Restoring your home is a process. However, if you want it to be done on timely basis, make sure that you have a realistic time table. Schedule the tasks at hand and make sure that everyone who is part of the restoration process is aware of it. Everyone involved in the rebuilding process should also do his or her best to meet their deadlines.

Protect you home from fire

Surely, you do not want to go through such disaster again. You can prevent fire from happening again by installing fire protective equipment at home. You can have smoke detectors in key areas to alarm you. Make sure that you place your fire extinguisher in strategic places as well. Most importantly, avoid fire by understanding its different causes and inspecting your home for potential sources of fire.

Dealing with the damages caused by fire can be difficult. But with proper planning and execution, you can have your home repaired or rebuilt in no time.

Thermal Imaging – A Vital Part of Water Damage Restoration

Thermal imaging has become a vital part of the restoration procedures for water damage remediation. This isn’t just for show. Thermal imaging is used to locate and identify moisture on structures. When applied properly to water damage restoration processes, It can lead to immediate cost reduction and a faster turnaround time.

Thermal imaging is also used to evaluate the success of the restoration process. There has to be proof that moisture has been eliminated. It is important that property owners get the necessary proof that work has been done properly and completely. This also gives them assurance that damage has been remediated and the property is back to its pre-loss condition.

Thermal Imaging and Structural Drying

Thermal Imaging is used as an investigative means in determining hidden moisture. High moisture areas will relatively have lower temperatures. This will be detected by thermal imaging instruments like thermal cameras, monitors and sensors. When these areas are already identified, restoration companies can dry these areas thru structural drying.

It is essential that thermal imaging be done accurately. The most advanced Structural drying techniques are actually done only on the areas where moisture has been detected. Only the wet areas are dried. Accurate thermal imaging and fast structural drying will be able to bring back your water damaged property back to its pre-damaged state.

Thermal Imaging is normally performed after water damage has occurred. This is done to identify all materials where moisture has reached. Thermal Imaging identifies the remaining wet areas and then structural drying techniques will take care of the rest. When drying is complete, secondary water damage is minimized if not eliminated. This will save your furniture, books, and documents, and will stop mold growth.

Thermal Imaging by PRS

Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc (PRS) has the latest technology in thermal imaging. This is part of their water damage restoration process. PRS has the professional capacity to identify wet areas of your property and provide drying efficiently.

Efficient drying is a vital part of the restoration process. With fast drying techniques administered, construction materials will regain their strength, nullifying the need for any further construction. Structural drying, completed in time, is a drying technique that does not require demolition providing a faster service.

Fast Service

It is important that a fast response is provided on the property. The owner of the damaged property has to immediately report the damage. This will lead to a faster assessment and reduce secondary damage.

Notifying PRS is an easy task as they have a 24 hour, 7 days a week hotline – ready for any emergency work. PRS can automatically bill you insurance company or they do accept credit card if the loss isn’t covered thru insurance. This less hassle is actually part of PRS’ dedicated service. The faster they mitigate and dry your property, the faster things go back to normal.

Structural Drying

Structural Drying has evolved over the years. Structural drying has become a science with many techniques that prevent secondary water damage to your property. Secondary damage, unlike immediate water damage brings in the progressive damage effects of water. This includes damages to furniture, books, artwork, and the infamous mold. This is brought about by moisture remianing on walls, floors, carpets and furniture.

Structural drying includes many processes which can only be exclusively done by professional restoration providers. Professional restoration processes such as structural drying requires the necessary technology, equipment and staff competence to do the work correctly.

Structural Drying does not necessarily include destruction. Structural drying is the drying of a structure. Drying is done thru the use of equipment such as turbo drying fans and dehumidifiers – equipment used for drying without doing any work of disassembling walls, floors and furniture.

Structural Drying by PRS

PRS – Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. makes it a point to provide structural drying as part of their water damage restoration routines. Structural drying from PRS ensures that moisture is completely brought down to the right level where damage and mold growth cannot continue.

PRS uses the most cost effective means of Structural drying that modern science has. PRS provides the fastest and most efficient dry outs in the industry. Proper application of science like Psychometry and Vortex Drying methods are used to acquire the best results – doing the process “outside in”.

Saving Cost with Structural Drying

Quickly drying structural materials will also be a cost saver. Most construction materials will regain its previous form and strength when properly dried. This is to say that water damage restoration actually begins with water cleanup/mitigation and drying.

The latest technology brings forth new processes that are very beneficial for Water damage restoration. Cost for new materials and work is minimized with the proper processes. This brings forth a lot of advantages for the clients. With cost effective methods on structural drying such as those used by PRS, there’s less stress and inconvenience.

Water Damage and Structural Drying

The technology of structural drying is actually a direct effect of water damage. Structural drying a few decades ago was actually done with the “normal drying techniques” where heating and wiping was the main action items. Science was applied poorly and settling for the trial and error methods.

Structural drying today brings in more technology. To help home owners, Professional restoration providers brings about faster drying techniques that are far more efficient. Structural drying can target smaller areas that have been proven to have moisture problems. This is done through thermal imaging which accurate identifies moisture heavy areas.

Structural Drying Is Your Best Bet for a Complete Water Damage Remediation

Structural drying is a process that every property should undergo after flooding or any kind of inflicted water damage. Without structural drying, further damages are attained because of the hidden moisture in materials.

When in need of any structural drying, PRS is ready to respond 24 hours and 7 days a week. We are ready to help.

Emergency Extractions

When you are in dire need of water emergency extractions, you should automatically call for help. When there are signs of flooding at home or at a business establishment, you have to make the call immediately. Always make sure that you get the proper assistance for emergency extractions.

Emergency Extractions by PRS

When in or near the Tampa Bay area, you can always contact PRS. PRS is Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. The PRS hotline is open 24 hours at 7 days a week. PRS offers emergency extractions. Whether it’s a broken pipe, sewage back up or rising water from a storm PRS can handle whatever situation you are faced with. They can bill your insurance directly and also accept credit cards if there is no insurance coverage. PRS makes it easy for you to be serviced.

With 5 State licenses (including State Certified Building Contractor) and multiple certifications, PRS has the capability to finish the entire rebuild process once the damage has been mitigated. PRS is a one stop shop that can bring your property back to pre-loss condition quicker than most.

PRS has state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the fastest and most complete emergency extractions. PRS will not only provide emergency extraction services, but prevent secondary damage and restore any damage sustained.

Immediate Response during Flooding

Flooding has always been the main reason for water damage. Flooding can be caused by a number of mishaps and natural occurrences. Most flooding is caused faulty plumbing, sewage back-ups or rising water from storms.

At the first sign of flooding, you can do your best to minimize the damage to your property. These are some of the things you can do just as the flooding starts:

  1. Do not panic and keep your family safe at all times.
  2. Turn off the power at affected areas.
  3. Locate and stop the water source.
  4. Call PRS and let them know of your emergency.
  5. Locate and remove precious items that are vulnerable.

It is very important that you let the experts deal with worsening situations. Opting to do it on your own may cause delays that can bring more damage.  Water requires immediate response because of the progressing damage it will inflict. Every moment counts during these situations and PRS emergency extractions will give you the best options.

Immediate and Secondary Damage

Emergency extractions can only manage to save you on immediate damages that water brings. This includes floor and wall damages that will greatly depreciate your property’s structure.

People have to be aware of the secondary damage that flooding and other types of water damage bring. Moisture when unattended can give you headaches with damages on furniture, books and other items – it can also bring mold growth, a serious health hazard. It is important that moisture is contained to limit secondary damage and avoid further costs to property. This is where structural damage and thermal imaging comes in, techniques that only professional service providers can offer.

Immediate Response is Critical

Your immediate response to flooding situations can prevent damage. Moments spent trying to resolve the crisis on your own will also be moments taken for the assistance that professionals can bring in saving your property. Immediate response on the servicer’s end is also crucial. Always call an extraction service that has 24 hour coverage with the right services.

Dealing with Smoke Damage

Fire damage isn’t the only thing to worry about. Smoke damage comes as deadly as the fire that brought it. Smoke damage is not dependent on the size of the fire. Smoke damage can be proportioned to type of combusting materials. Smoke Damage is one of the delicate damages that need to be taken care of immediately.

Most common smoke damage occurs as a result of fire, but not limited to that. Visually, it is irritating and the damage is not limited to being an eyesore.  Health issues arise from smoke damage. Typically respiratory problems result from smoke but risks also range from skin allergies and irritations to headaches.

Areas like Tampa may consider smoke damage a least in their priority of restoration. But, smoke damage should be held in top priority because detailed restoration procedures like stain removal and odor removal are quite the task. The most dangerous part of smoke damage is residue. Smoke damages leave residue from the burning materials whose potent effects may not be known. Smoke residue can be a health risk or have corrosive properties that can bring long term damage to property.

Wet and Dry Smoke

Smoke moves with temperature moving to open spaces, to ceilings, wall cracks and dividers – practically anywhere. There are generally two types of smoke known to bring damage to property and health. These are the wet and dry smoke.

Wet smoke is a result of low heat and produces a denser smoke and a stronger pungent odor. Wet smoke produce smears and stains that semi permanently attach themselves to surfaces. These stains cannot be removed through simple brushing.

Dry Smoke on the other hand is a result of high temperature fire. Stains from a dry smoke may be comparable to what a charcoal is – really hard to deal its stains and smudges easily.

Getting Help for Restorations of Smoke Damage in Tampa

Smoke damage can’t be undone so easily. This is why professional services are required to rectify the damage. Professional services can quicken your property’s rehabilitation while relieving you of the stress all home owners feel during a state of calamity.

One of the best in the business of smoke damage restoration in the Tampa Bay area is the Professional Restoration Services of Tampa Bay, Inc. – PRS. PRS can be very helpful for Smoke damage. PRS is known for having all restoration services available. If you had a fire incident in Tampa, you can call PRS where support is available 24 hours a day at 7 days a week.

Knowing what to do

Fire and smoke damage can be ultimately devastating and depressing. One’s composure after the fire is important. A full restoration of your property and the elimination of risks is also the best choice for health.  First things first, secure your family and their shelter. After everything has been settled, call your insurance so you know what’s covered and what’s not. When everything becomes clear in the expenses, call PRS and the rest should be back to normal sooner than you’ve imagined it.